Our Products:
1- MikroTik (all routerboards and software- we are master distributer)
2- Antennas (too many types of Elsuhd Net Antennas which made at Poland)
3- Radio Systems (assembled by Elsuhd Net from MikroTik, UBNT, and Antennas made especially for Elsuhd Net).
4- MikroTik Power System
5- Power Over Ethernet Systems for MikroTik.
6- ATS
7- DC systems with server roam monitoring system.
8- Switches modified to supply PoE for MikroTik.
9- Rack Mount Cases for CCR1016, RB493 duel and single, and RB450G .
10- Flashers Alarms for Towers work at 24VDC PoE with remote sensor.
11- Tailor made SCADA systems.
12- VSAT (reseller of all types and accessories)
13- Microsoft products (we are an official reseller for Microsoft)
14- Kerio software products (we are exclusive reseller at Iraq)
15- Kaspersky security products
16- Mast Towers Galvanized and steel.
17- Cisco stuff supplier.
18- Hawaii Hardware and Software Supplier (we are a reseller)
19- Netgear Hardware and Software Supplier (we are a reseller)
20- Cameras and DVR for security systems.
21- Electronic on demand supplier.
22- Trading and Shipping.
23- Supply all kind of computers; desktop, workstations, laptops, servers and PLC.
24- Supplier of many kinds of printers, scanners, UPSs, office equipments and accessories.